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You can mention the name Wallace Johnson to people and singular words come to mind, – gentleman, father, singer, honest, cooperative, etc. These kudos and more describe a man who has been an admirable people person, as well as a role model in any endeavor he decides to pursue.

Passengers who rode the 38 Geary bus know his voice as the temperate serenade on a sometimes strenuous MUNI journey. It encompasses the range of Luther Vandross, the style of Nat King Cole, and the politeness of Lionel Ritchie. Like the great ones, he creates his own personal signature to his singing. It’s velvety yet direct romantic with a uninterrupted to your heart baritone that puts every lyric in your heart. The urge to sing was driven on by several people, not the least of which his brothers, who grew up in chorus. 

Another conviction was when he was turned down by a teacher in a junior high school talent show. But in a chance meeting on his bus with Tony Grammy award winning lyricist, Robert Brittan, best known for the Broadway musical “Raisin”, he was persuaded to give his singing another try. “I met him and we developed a trust friendship. He became my mentor. He made me accecpt that I was a natural singing talent,” says Johnson. Six months later, Brittan passed on, but Johnson received encouragement to go on from many sources. “This is for you. You’ve done for other’s all your life. You need to sing,” said  his wife of thirty years.

Giving of himself is still very much a part of his life, and one of his favorite pastimes is singing for children at various public school assembles. He puts education into his music, so while it’s very entertaining, it reaches and teaches at the same time. He’s also put his talented voice before television audiences on several major networks. Wallace is now working on his third CD. When you’ve been as successful at everything you’ve tried in your career as he has, it’s only a matter of time before his name is called at the music awards.



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children's posters & songs

Alfred the Ant likes to say "I can."

Although I was born into poverty, I was never without life’s fulfillments or a feeling of being cherished. After finding my purpose inwardly it was then I discovered my “Golden Voice”.

So if you care about children as I do, please be encouraged to teach them these inspirational songs I have written, and join me on this journey to bring families together, cushion children and give them a soft spot in which to land.

I believe to give a child a VOICE is to let them know FREEDOM.  To give a child a POSITIVE MESSAGE is to let them hope, and to give a child LOVE is to give them their world.

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